Skin Hook Standard, Pack of 10 (Sterile)

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Skin Hook Standard, Pack of 10 (Sterile)

Product SKU Number: AP048 Used to retract the skin during most medical procedures.

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A standard sized, sterile handheld Skin Hook, used for holding back the edges of skin during the dissection of lesions and intranasal procedures.

Used to grasp, hold, and position delicate soft tissues during the suturing phase of a surgical procedure.

Skin hooks are used in many different medical procedures that require the gentle maneuvering of skin and soft tissue, including corrective surgical procedures on the eyes, suturing facial skin, and stitching the delicate individual layers of the skin.

The prongs of the skin hook instrument can be customized according to the procedure performed. Some types of this surgical equipment have hooks that are very sharp and thin.

Other skin hooks feature prongs that are thick and have a dull tip. The skin hooks may have a single prong or double prongs.

Prongs are often classified as extra fine, standard, or delicate; the classification enables the surgical preparation team to select the most appropriate instrument for the procedure.

For Professional Use Only

  • High quality surgical steel instrument
  • Good alternative to reprocessing reusable instruments
  • Protects patients against commonly found cross infection risks
  • Fully quality controlled
  • Full compliance with the eu 93/42 Medical Devices Directive