Towel Clip Backhaus, Pack of 10 (Sterile)

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Towel Clip Backhaus, Pack of 10 (Sterile)

Product SKU Number: AP044 Clamp used for fixing drapes to the patient's skin.

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The Backhaus Towel Clip used to securely fasten drapes or towels to patients during medical procedures. With inward pointed jaws, the tips can enter both the skin and drape. 

Features ring handles for scissor like action and a ratchet design to help keep the clamp in place once released.

Not only are Backhaus towel clips used in the operating room but they are also made use of in physicianís clinic where procedures may be performed.

Towel clips/clamps have handles which have a lock in them. The tip of the clip can either be pointed or curved and some even have teeth to provide a good grip.

To be able to use the Backhaus towel clip, the surgeon or their assistant must open the clamp, place it where it may be required and then close the clamp again.

For Professional Use Only

  • High quality surgical steel instrument
  • Good alternative to reprocessing reusable instruments
  • Protects patients against commonly found cross infection risks 
  • Fully quality controlled 
  • Full compliance with the eu 93/42 Medical Devices Directive