Dental Mirror, Pack of 10 (Sterile)

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Dental Mirror, Pack of 10 (Sterile)

Product SKU Number: AP053 Inpection mirror size 7 with handle for ENT procedures.

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Dental Mirror designed for use during dental examinations and procedures to reflect light into the oral cavity area where direct vision is not possible. 

Main function is to help visual examination of teeth and soft tissues. The head of the mirror is usually round, our mirror is supplied with a separate handle.

Indirect vision is needed in certain locations of the mouth where visibility is difficult or impossible.

The posterior (or lingual) surfacecs of the anterior maxillary teeth is a notable area where mouth mirrors are often used.

Other areas of the mouth can be viewed more readily with the mouth mirror, even though it would be possible to see them if the dentist or dental hygienist adjusted their body into a poor position.

Without the mouth mirror, poor body positioning would occur daily and lead to chronic postural problems, especially of the back and neck.

There are other areas of the mouth where lighting is difficult, even with overhead dentists' lights. In these instances, the mouth mirror is used to reflect light onto those surfaces.

This is especially useful if the mirror is simultaneously being used for indirect vision of an obscure area.

Dentist's mirrors are also commonly used by engineers to allow vision in tight spaces and around corners in equipment. They are a common tool in optics and laser labs as well.

For Professional Use Only

  • High quality surgical steel instrument
  • Good alternative to reprocessing reusable instruments
  • Protects patients against commonly found cross infection risks 
  • Fully quality controlled 
  • Full compliance with the eu 93/42 Medical Devices Directive